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naz_nomad | 23:53 Sun 23rd Jul 2006 | Adverts
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Why can't we have a subsection devoted to what music is from the Becks Advert?


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If we had subsections for all the questions that keep getting asked, the site would implode or would just .....plode

The Becks Q will stay around for a bit, then hover around with the rest of them, like these ones

Is that Bradley Walsh in the Toyota advert

Whats that song in the Peugeot advert with the black/white cartoon bits

Which cereal had the tagline - Theyre tasty, tasty etc

And thats just 3..theres many more that appear every week or so.

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Aye ... must say, I like the idea of a 'plode' though
I still want to know if Bradley Walsh committed suicide after singing The Rhythm of Life in the Vodafone advert with Ross Kemp.

Or something.
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Naaaa ...wasn't that the Frosties kid that killed himself ?
just out of interest, is the most common frostie kid question 'where does this c**t live?'?
Can we also have a subsection devoted to the song from the C4 ice skating car advert? :-P

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