We been honeymoonin' about fifteen years now...

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timb | 23:59 Sun 04th Jun 2006 | Adverts
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...We chill right to the core.

Great actors, all three of them. But what are their names?


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yes it's a great ad but it annoys me like mad! If they've been there 15 years how come their UK 10 year passports haven't expired? and if they've had then renewed (which it looks like they have as the ones in the ad are the new digital ones) how come their recent pictures aren't a 'true likeness'??? :o)
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Such a pedant!


Touch me :-)
What exactly makes these actors 'great' in this stupid advert?!
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Harsh. I appreciate the attention their body language commands, they know how to act ridiculous while being incredibly subtle at the same time. It's a stupid advert, yeah, but they play it light-heartedly and with charm. I like that.
I find it incredibly irritating!! Maybe I should go to Jamaica and chill out!
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I think you should :-)

Back to my original question though....?

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We been honeymoonin' about fifteen years now...

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