Song from Piriton ad

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littleoldme | 01:46 Thu 25th May 2006 | Adverts
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Can anyone please identify the indie-ish song from the new Piriton anti-allergy medication ad? The one where the captions say how many people are allergic to different things.


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I have tried to find out with these lyrics:-.

Could it be true oh could it be you who will rescue me
Oh could it be
Cos only when quite
Money couldn�t hire
If you were me you could feel what I feel
Be such a poor host that was my dreams

The green bits are difficult to make out.

It's called Everywhere by Empire Dogs from their 1994 album Love Attacks (answer came today coutesy of SmithGlaxoKline). You can get it on i-Tunes.
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Many thanks, andyboy - and thank you for your efforts, kwillmott!

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Song from Piriton ad

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