What do you think of the Saab 93 advert?

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kaz20 | 12:44 Wed 29th Mar 2006 | Adverts
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I was wondering whether anyone wouldn't mind sharing with me what they think happens in the Saab 93 advert (Summer Breeze one). What parts do you think are ironic? What is the message in it? And do you think it works? etc. etc. any opinions will be most appreciated. You can see it here...

Many thanks in advance.


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What do you mean ironic?
This is just a slight reworking of the standard 93 convertible ad that came out last year.
I suppose it is slightly ironic that a car company that comes from a Sweden does such good business with its convertibles.
I think the theme of the ad is that it doesnt have to be sunny and warm to enjoy the qualities of a convertible and you can bring a bit of sunshine in anywhere.
Also i can assure you this ad doesnt make me want a beautiful new saab 93 any more than i already do - so i'm probably the wrong person to ask as to whether it works or not!
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hehe - thanks for your response gary baldy. I take it you're not a Saab fan! I hadn't realised that there was one for the normal Saab 93 last year.. I wonder what their reasons for repeating are... ?
No - i am huge saab fan - i really really really want one of the new 93 convertibles ,this ad doesnt add to that wanting - its already at the max!
The reason they are repeating it is this is for the new desiel model!
I'm guessing you think this ad is ironic because it seems to be promoting global warming - is that how you see it?
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I see!! I thought you were implying that you didn't want one at all and nothing could make you want one!

I just mean ironic in the sense of the lyrics really. "summer breeze" put with visuals of snow!

do you think that the same ad has been used because they thought it worked last time so are trying it again? or they're playing on the fact they used it last year to remind the viewer of it, and emphasise that this is a 'new' version?!
Why shoot a new ad when you can just tag a new message on the end for a different product?
Probably didnt justify a new campaign and the old one was quite good (it got you thinking didnt it?) so just ran with the old one.
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well the real reason im interested is cos im doing my dissertation on the effects of music in tv adverts and this is one im considering analysing.. trying to throw up as many ideas as possible!!

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