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constipation | 00:16 Wed 29th Mar 2006 | Adverts
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In the latest advert with the photography business I am sure that one of the photographer's clients (the white haired man in the couples shoot with the dog ) is actually a famous photographer in his own right. Who is he?


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I'm just watching it and i know i've seen him somewhere,i thought he was photographer too.Cant think of a name though/
He's not a photographer,. he's actor Michael Fenton-Stevens. As well as being a bit of an advert tart (even having the starring role in a previous Nat West ad), he's been in many shows including Eastenders and quite a few comedies.

More info here if you're interested, and indeed if you're not :-) :

He does look a bit like David Hemmings in Blow Up so perhaps thats where the confusion arises.
I always remember Michael Fenton-Stevens from the comedy KYTV, the spoof of cable TV, with Angus Deyton. It had started life on Radio ( as a spoof of a radio programme ).
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Thanks, littleoldme,


You're welcome. Great username by the way!
I dont know who he is, but its about as far removed from running a photography studio as humanly possible!

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