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patiodors | 22:56 Sun 08th Jan 2006 | Adverts
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Where have i seen the guy from the ad from before? My friend says its Derek Griffith but I think not! I've seen him in something recently - police drama perhaps?


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yes he was in the bill as a regular character
He played the neighbour in Gimme Gimme Gimme with Kathy Burke. It was a while ago though but he does pop up all over the place from time to time
The actor's name is Brian Bovell - as xrayspecs rightly says, he's probably best known for playing Jez in Gimme Gimme Gimme. He does look a little like children's TV legend Derek Griffiths in that ad, albeit a bit younger.
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thanks - these things drive u nuts sometimes!

"...children's TV legend Derek Griffiths..."

A legend indeed, littleoldme, but you have just made a happy brachiopod very old.


You and me both, brachy old sport, you and me both. :-)
he was also known as pincy along side, i dont know whether it was him who played the father in 2 point 4 children, gary olsen but i cant remember the series title. it was probably about 15-20 yrs ago.
thanku paul103.

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Pizza hut meerkat ad

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