Eh? Was I dreaming??

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MrPahoehoe | 21:53 Fri 06th Jan 2006 | Adverts
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I'm absolutely positive that I just saw an advert for a channel 4 program (er...My name is Earl, I think), on channel 5.

Can anyone confirm if this is true, and if so, how long has that sort of thing being going on, on terrestrial tv?


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Dunno about channel 5 my man, but I do know that the advert has been on Sky One - it shook me for six as well. I can only imagine that the networks have subsidised it or somrthing and have replay rights a coupla years from now.
Yeah, and i saw a channel 4 programme, Invasion, being advertised on channel 5. I was like, omg that's strange.
Puzzling I know,but it must be true as I thought I saw the same thing happening . We can't all be wrong. Can we?
Last night during Worlds Strongest Man on Ch5, My name is Earl (Ch4) was most definantly trailed.

It's the first time i've noticed this on terrestrial T.V.
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Thanks guys: thought i was going mad for a minute!
Channel 4 have been quite aggressive in their advertising for a while now, taking out lots of press and billboard ads and paying for advertising time on other channels. It's nothing to do with replay rights or anything like that, it's simply Channel 4 buying time like any other advertiser.

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Eh? Was I dreaming??

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