beer/lager advert-name of drink needed please!!!

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LizzieJ | 17:11 Tue 20th Dec 2005 | Adverts
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does anyone remember an ad which was aired 2-3 years ago? I think it was for Carling/Carlsberg or Becks? It featured a designer poss. feng sui who visited a bloke's house and "minimalised" it so all he had left was a sofa and a fridge of beer. I'm desperate to find out the music for the advert but can't remember the beer that was featured. Can anyone help??? Thanks for your help ;-))


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Can't help with the music, but I believe that the beer was Foster's
Yep, I'd agree with Fosters. It was too long ago to remember how the music went, even if I would have known the track.

May be Exploration by Karminsky Experience . Sample / Download here

I just visited commercialbreaksandbeats, and can confirm the last posting is the correct answer.
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thanks to all who replied-esp. mikeydred and Postdog-will be downloading the track in near future! I knew AB would sort it out!

thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!;-)

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beer/lager advert-name of drink needed please!!!

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