Wickes Housebarrassment Redhead Actress On Tv

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Billy1954 | 19:55 Mon 25th Oct 2021 | Adverts
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Commercial where her cat doesn't freeze when ask for a look of her kitchen


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^ forget that!
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Yes it is wondering who redhead actress is and if she has been in any other commercial s ?
Hopefully someone will know Billy.
I googled and 2 names came up...Elizabeth Bower, and Camilla Katrina Arfwedson. Not sure about either though the first looks most likely.
What did she do her cat?
Watch the video Susan, she pretended to freeze but the cat walked in front of the camera.
It is a great advert. The actress is Charlotte McKinney.
Speaking of ads I think this one is really funny did you get Charlotte McKinney as the actress? She doesn't look much like the one in the commercial.

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Wickes Housebarrassment Redhead Actress On Tv

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