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tamaris | 18:59 Wed 06th Oct 2021 | Adverts
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The woman in the advert, it says, that today she's had a mare ...
I don't understand


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Argh yes could be. Never heard that before. Thanks
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Great Chris. I've never come across this said before x
It's typical of people today, tamaris. Too bone idle to even say nightmare. Another example is; A Big Ask instead of "a lot to ask" I believe that has Aussie origins tho. :o)
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You make a good point 10clarion.
"A lot to ask" uses 'ask' as a verb, whereas "a big ask" uses it as a noun. According to the OED, that usage was first recorded in 1275, so it's not exactly new!

I love it when that happens.
My grandmother used to say she'd had a mare of a day and that was back in the '60's I always assumed it was a reference to a horse....mares can be really flighty and difficult.
Your mother was a couple of decades ahead of the OED, Woofgang ;-)
It may have been first used in 1275 Chris, but it has taken 750 years for it to come into general usage. Who used it 20 years ago?

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