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davebro | 18:35 Thu 16th Sep 2021 | Adverts
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Is Tesco's "matching Aldi prices advert" shooting themselves in the foot?

I.E. We've been overcharging you for years but we're losing custom so we decided we need to compete!


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You can read it that way if you wish.

I like to see the price mach when I'm doing my Tesco shop though.
They do that on their website too Dave.
When I order my groceries online, some of the things say, ''Aldi price match' which I suppose is telling me that if I went to Aldi, it would be the same price, so might as well get it from Tesco.
I does seem a bit odd to me- look we have 10 things the same price as Aldi, everything else is more expensive though...

I'll admit I'm a bit cynical though as my local Tesco's are both highly priced and under supplied Express / Metro stores with a decent Aldi in the middle :)
Sainsburys are doing the same thing. They price match pork belly slices for instance, but Aldis are much better quality. Sainsburys virgin olive oil is around £5 Aldis is around £3 , their smoked salmon is double the price as is their free-range chicken -go figure. 10 items at Aldi prices does not mean much to me.
No no big up tesco
In other countries it is called a price fixing cartel (whereby shops agree not undercut one another on price), and is generally illegal.

In days gone by when I used to go shopping with Mrs Hymie at differing supermarkets, it always struck me as strange that the differing outlets were all (by chance) selling items (such as a particular brand of toothpaste) at the same price (to the penny).

I thought to myself how complicated it must be for each supermarket to determine the price at which they sell an item based on the cost from the supplier, the number of units they expect to sell and the level of profit they are seeking – all by some coincidence to arrive at exactly the same price.
I have not been to a Tesco since about 2016. I have never been to an Aldi. But I do notice the items offered are what I call junk food. So I just remain puzzled by the whole thing.
Tesco Price matches at the moment include staples such as bread, butter,sugar also fruit and veg and some toiletries as well as convenience food.

The choice is there for shoppers.

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