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lankeela | 18:00 Mon 29th Jun 2020 | Adverts
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tampon adverts at six o'clock? Not really necessary. Fair enough they are essential items but there are better ways of advertising them.


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Times have changed haven't they and what we used to speak of in hushed tones are now common knowledge and even included in the curriculum.

I did see one that was a bit OTT but hey, if it educates why not?
I always smile at the ones for stool softeners. I wonder if the glamorous young ones in the ads knew what they were signing up for.
Pays the rent :-)
Re tampons, these companies need to get their plug in.

As it were.
There are times though when a lady really needs to ensure that there's not even a hint of blood present ;-)

Sanitary products should not be shunted into the middle of the night. It is a natural thing and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

Advertisers usually know their audience and when they are watching, so spend their money there. So perhaps you are watching the wrong channel to avoid Tampon adverts. Don’t think they show them during the Topless Darts.
Topless darts, Gromit?

Are they ones with missing flights?
Why not at six o’clock?
Periods are a natural bodily function so the more they’re talked about in a normal fashion, the less taboo they become.
What about advertising condoms, or viagra, or..well.. anything?
If we ban ads for dealing with natural, but somewhat messy, natural bodily functions, shouldn't we get rid of the Andrex puppy too?
Advertising tampons? Bah, string 'em up...

As it were.
When & how would you suggest a ‘better way to advertise them’?
YouTube? :-P
Men even go and buy them for their partners without embarrassment. Times have changed, thankfully.
That's true, ummmm, and we still get shouted at when the gift wrap comes off.
Well, the country is bleeding from every orifice.
>>> Men even go and buy them for their partners without embarrassment

Maybe the men have got other uses for them though, Ummmm?
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When I'm about to enjoy my tea I don't want to be reminded that they've got to be shoved right up there. And yes Andrex adverts are just as bad.
Tampon ads don't worry me but I must be a bit of a prude because I find the Love Honey ones toecurlingly trashy and mildly offensive at any time on TV.
It's a very long time since I watched a tampon ad because i rarely watch 'live' tv these days.

That said, I am all in favour of necessary products being advertised at a time when their target audience can see them.

I have to say i found the ad in Chico's link about as funny as root canal surgery without anesthetic, but it takes all sorts as they say.

On the subject of edgy ads, is it just me, or is the bearded guy in the Viagra ad really a bit creepy ...
I didn't think I was a prude but I find his ad really embarrassing.

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