"Feel the Tingle"

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stoo_pid | 09:27 Tue 22nd Nov 2005 | Adverts
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A while ago there was a TV ad for lipstick with the tagline "Feel the Tingle". Can anyone tell me

  1. Which company it was for?

  2. If by any chance there's anywhere I can download the ad or even just find stills from the ad?

Ta muchly


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Are you sure it was for lipstick? As I recall they used that tag-line for Toothpaste, or mouthwash (I think it was aquafresh).
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Yep, the ad we're thinking of was definitely lipstick / make-up. One full-screen shot was of a luscious pair of lips wearing (if I remember correctly) pink sparkly lipstick with the words "Feel the Tingle" in the corner of the screen. I thought it might have been Rimmel but I can't seem to find anything to back that up.

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"Feel the Tingle"

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