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horselady | 16:05 Wed 16th Oct 2019 | Adverts
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Just saw one of the adverts for the bathtubs with the door that opens so you step in. Curious to know how they work, obviously you can't fill it and then open the door. Surely if you get in, close it up and then fill it with hot water, that's dangerous?


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I just get a young lady to come help me in and out!
I've often wondered about this myself. Indeed you have to sit in the bath in the nuddy waiting for it to fill, have your bath then sit and wait for it to drain, shivering no doubt. We replaced OH's mums bath with a large walk in shower and its much better for people with mobility problems and there is a seat in it. I'm planning to build a bungalow and it will have only walk in showers no baths.
Yep, we just had our bathroom refurb'd and whilst we're OK at the Mo, we've had a 900 x 1600 shower cubicle installed.
That is flash, Zacs.

Hate banging me elbows on the tiles / glass, TB ;-)'s blue tooth operated as well. Wooooooo.
The fill is thermostatically controlled, like a mains shower.
^^^^^ yes but you have to sit there like a numpty until its filled, then wait until it drains to get out. If you have a combi boiler it could take 5-10minutes to fill. Waste of time and money. Showers are much more hygienic.
Zacs to late for you, but for any others just have a wet room installed, If you like a bath as well have one in another bathroom if you have one.
The literature doesn't say anything about being a numpty, that may be an optional extra.
^^^^ no but all the adverts have an old biddy sitting in the bath in her bathing cozzie -whats that all about lol!
Modesty, Aunt Polly. Modesty dear. :o)

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Assisted Bathing Ads

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