Tv Adverts? What Do You Think

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knockavacca | 15:57 Tue 05th Dec 2017 | Adverts
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I personally would never look on the 'go compare' site simple because of the advert


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neither would i can't stand the fat b
One or two may pique my interest to check a product or retailer out but never buy based on an ad alone.
i admire the fat guy
for making it even tho he looks like crap
can;t abide most ads, luckily I can turn off the sounds but some can be funny, even endearing.. but it wouldn't convince me to buy anything.
But you have HEARD OF IT (Go Compare)and even quoted it in your question and that is the main thing.

With thousands of different adverts and thousands of products to choose from just getting your product name known is the main thing, even if some people hate the advert.

I find that the more annoying they are, the more you tend to remember them.
I like him ,did I hear somewhere he is a Spurs Supporter
When he is performing in an Opera, Wynne Evans is actually very good. He is what we are supposed not to have in abundance in her in Italianate Tenor, rather in the style of Dennis O'Neill.

But I would agree about the adverts !
They seem to be getting worse. Haven't been very tolerant of the Sainsbury's efforts for ages. (Mind you, their lack of one basket only tills would put me off going regardless how repelling the ads are.)

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Tv Adverts? What Do You Think

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