Which advert had a cheetah...

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Webitt | 19:46 Sun 28th Jul 2002 | Adverts
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What's the company that used the advert that had the cheetah in that drank the can of drink, then put it down, then the man goes 'This is why I'm not a cat person' ?


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i think you are thinking of the pepsi max advert
I think it's schweppes. I'm probably wrong, but that's the only advert I've seen with a cheetah in (aside from cheetos, but let's not mention that). Kelsey Grammar does the voice for it, it was a while back, I think.
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lissie lizz - the schweppes ad was the one with the aligator in also, with the cheetah sitting on the pier... and there was also another schweppes ad with the cheetah and some other animals in a bar. barrie was correct... the one i was looking for was Pepsi Max :) Thanks for both taking the time to answer :)

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Which advert had a cheetah...

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