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kazzee69 | 22:51 Sun 11th Sep 2005 | Adverts
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Hey, You know that Ikea advert where the baby is sitting on the sofa and the mum hands the baby a red marker pen, then the writing appears on the screen and it says the Ikea new catalogue is out! I just saw it and I knew I reconised the mum in it and I'm sure she used to play Rona in '2 point 4 children'. Does anyone know if this is her or does anyone else see the resemblence. She had short brown hair in the program but in the advert she has long blonde hair, but '2 point 4 children' was a good 10yrs ago!


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Haven't seen the Ikea advert, but if I'm thinking of the right person, (Rona was the friend in "2 point 4...." wasn't she?), then the actress is Julia Hills.
I always remember her from "Who Dares Wins", a sort of topical / sketch-based comedy show from the 80's which also featured, among others, Tony Robinson and Rory McGrath.

I'll keep my eye out for the advert though, kazzee, and try and get backl to you!!

Incidentally, I never really watched "2 point 4 Children" very much when it was on, (probably in the pub or something), but have seen a few of them when they have been repeated. I always seemed to catch the "Hurricane" episode when they were on holiday in the States - and remember this being very funny.

I'd like to see that one again - although it's probably not the best time to repeat it just now.....

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No definately not a good time for that one. They get repeated alot on 'UKGold'. This is why I remembered Rhona's face because I was watching a few of them recently. I did google Rhona (Julia Hills) and saw a picture of her nowadays. She doesn't look much like the woman in the advert actually. Only hair wise though. Could still be her!

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Ikea advert!

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