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theleeroy55 | 20:53 Tue 06th Sep 2005 | Adverts
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First, who is Barry scott, in the advert he intoduces himself like he is well known. Am i totally missing something?

also at the beggining of the advert he walks past about 1000 bottles of cillit bang each on their own seperate shelf, but Scott looks all over like he is in a supermarket looking for the right product. he then picks out one of the many bottled like he has found what he is looking for.



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This is supposed to be humorus, but everyone is missing the point. 1 Barry Scott is an actor playing a part of "fake Celebrity". The point of the 1000's of bottles on the shelves is that you get the camouflage effect where you walk straight pass what you are "looking" for. Also the other point is the way "people" in supermarkets (if you watch) examine what they are going to buy as if judging a "show" as if there is a "better one" out of all the ones on the shelf. With the Barry Scott character I suspect he is picking up the one "special" bottle of Clillit Bang that actually works!!

Not convinced that it is any better that washing up liquid and water. :)

Learn it all! LOL!

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