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whitey290375 | 10:15 Fri 02nd Sep 2005 | Adverts
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What is it that the children in this advert say at the end? Is it "Oh, they're tired" or "Overtired"???

Does anyone know which company made the advert so I could email them?


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I think it's oh, they're tired. made the advert.

Yep, I'd definitely agree with "oh, they're tired".
This ad is called  "New Neighbour" and features the boys from the previous ads.

I agree with "oh, they're tired."

This link shows the production info:

Question Author

I STRONGLY disagree with cherryade... Anyone can see if you watch the kids lips as they speak, it is over, not oh thay're... I have emailed the production company that made this advert ( and will post the answer I recieve, if any! These "little dad's" all look like harried parents comically agreeing with each other in the way that lots of parents would, rather that stating the fact that they are tired...(Where is the humour in that?)

P.s. I Love you Cherryade!!! (Sneaky!!!)

oh my god, i thought i was the only one who wondered what they said! everyone thought i was weird for getting annoyed at not knowing. lol. i think it says overtired, and their lips do look like they're saying that, but some kids do pronouce their 'th' as 'v' though don't they? aaaah, i don't know!

It's (they're) "overtired".

'Overtired' being the term, as any parent knows, used to describe when a child should be asleep but won't go down, and thus becomes irritable and fractious.

"Oh they're tired'" doesn't make sense within the context of this series of child / adult reversal adverts.

I would like to appologise to Whitey290375 for being adamant that it was 'Oh they're tired!'. Confirmation has been received from the higher being (vauxhall) that he is correct! It is 'overtired'!! I'm wrong!!

I should have realised to never doubt the Whitey!!

PS I Love You x

Question Author

Hi all! It was me that originally posted this question and I have recieved the answer from Vauxhall themselves:

Dear Mr ****,

Thank you for your e-mail received by this office on 5 September 2005,
regarding the recent Vauxhall Zafira TV advert.

As requested, I can confirm the last word in the advert is 'over tired'.  I
trust this resolves your query, however, should you require any further
information, please do not hesitate to contact us again on 01582 427200, or
by return e-mail.

Thank you again for contacting us and allowing me the opportunity to

Yours sincerely

Rob John
Customer Care Team

So there it is...  Special thanks to brachiopod who seems to be as obsessed by correct contextual use of words as I am! Saddo! :)

Cheers to all!

More to the point, why have they suddenly cut out the best part of the advert, New car, new house, someone's doing alright! used to love that bit!
Yes, I would love to hear why that part was cut out as well. That was definately the best bit!
The part I can't make out in this ad is said by the 'new neighbour' - it sounds like "Satin Ave, keeps them out of trouble." Any ideas on the "Satin Ave" bit?

Sat Nav...?

I firmly believe it is "Oh, they're tired" so do all the guys in my office.

Mind you. My girlfriend Emma, who has a bad ankle, thinks it is "Overtired". I wish we could settle this argument once and for all, as she we not be convinced I am right. She is too stubborn for her own good.

Question Author
Darren 1971... If you read the previous posts then you'll see I have emailed and recieved an answer for this one from vauxhall! Say sorry to your girlfriend man! You were wrong!!!
Mmmm. Wrong again. ******. Thanks Whitey.....
My god, the arguments I have had about this. Thanks for letting me know I am right! hurrah!. ooh im getting overtired. :) heehee

Thankyou to ALL the people in this thread as my wife was ready to devorce me over this seeminly trivial advert script. My wife was adament it was Oh There Tired! But now i can rejoice at the information recieved here. Thankyou ALL. With all the different threads i could tell her she wasn't the only thinking this but at the same time i was getting my point accross.


Cheers Guys !!

I think they might say "All the excitement"! I guess that would make the most sense in that situation with the move etc.

As seen on by an equally confused poster, who got in touch the ad's director:

Dear Mr Warhead,

Thank you for your e-mail of 8 October 2005, regarding the recent Vauxhall Zafira TV advert.

As requested, I can confirm the last words in the advert are, �Ohh, they�re tired'. A lot of soft southerners seem to think it�s �overtired,� but they are all ******* and completely WRONG.

I trust this resolves your query, and I hope you had a few pints riding on the outcome.

Thank you again for contacting us and allowing me the opportunity to

Now buy a ******* car.

Yours sincerely


Franco Zeffirelli (his mark)

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