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helen280 | 20:11 Thu 04th Aug 2005 | Adverts
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Who sings the theme tune from the new ford "summer of love" advert?


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Hi helen280 - the song is Aquarius by The Fifth Dimension, from the soundtrack to the musical Hair, released in 1969.

sorry to be pedantic - i think the version on the Ad is actually by the Mama's and the Papa's though originally by the 5th dimension

ignore my last post it aint TM & TP at all it was 5th Dimension - i cocked up...*blush*

Hi Helen, Just looked on a site which I will give you in a minute, but the name I have found is Ronald Dyson - Aquarius.

The site is

The song was originally by The 5th Dimension. But listening to the Ford ad, this is definitely not their version, the version on the ad sounds better. Who the heck is it?

If you take the time to go to the link above and find "ford" in the A-Z and click on the link to amazon you will be able to hear a clip of the song sung by Ronald Dyson. This version is the original version. The hit by the 5th Dimension is 2 songs joined together. "Aquaius/Let the Sunshine in" (this is one of my alltime favs) The reason the Mama's & Papa's version sounds similar to the Ronald Dyson is that they are American and the Ronald Dyson one features the "Tribe" ( a backing group of guys & gals of the cast). Aquaius is a  much recorded song.

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