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nick1420 | 09:14 Mon 30th May 2005 | Adverts
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Is it just me or does any one else find that frog ring tone anouying?? and we all no why its on more when the kids are at home!!

Now i admit that it is good marketing selling us crap that we dont need but my god does it have to be on every second of the day!!.

Does any one no who we complain to to get this advert stopped because its driving me mad??.

And as for it beating coldplay to number one this is to all thoughs poeple that bought the song Wake up this song is a load of rubbish.You may as well go out in to the street and give your money to a homeles man he needs it more.

Better still i will give you my address i will make up stupid songs all day and send them to you. You can send me the money. Didnt think so.

These people are getting rich of selling you this crap sat in there nice big house laughing at all the people for buying this crappy ring tone/song

The more poeple buy this crap the more thay will put this crap on tv and if that happens i will start to listen to radio because thay have all band it and wont play it THANK GOD SOME PEOPLE HAVE COME TO THERE SENCES!!!!!


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You have to complain to each and every channel that shows it!! The ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) are aware of the annoyance of this ad as they have had hundreds, probably now thousands of complaints already, but they can not do anything as it does not break any standards and they can not do anything about the frequency that it is shown in.

Best you can do is email/write to the channels and ask them not to sell any more air time to "Jamster" The company that make these ring tones.

Failing that kidnap a member of Jamster staff and threaten to shoot him unless these ads are pulled.

Incedentally I have still yet to actually hear someones phone who has one 

The ASA are unlikely to ban an ad unless it is in poor taste, offensive, purports to make the buyer more attractive, or is deliberately misleading. Crazy Frog may be annoying, but so is the tacos advert with the woman slating her bloke's cooking. Crazy Frog makes money for its owners, who pay the channels to carry the ads, which makes them money, and the more popular it becomes the more money it makes for all concerned so it's a win-win situation. It's called capitalism.

i hate the frog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ban it

and its bloody number 1

a sign of chavy society???

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