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Philtaz | 15:58 Sun 20th May 2012 | Adverts
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Having watched this, the celebs I've spotted are Des Lynam (obviously), Linford Christie, Ray Mears, Ian Wright and Sir Bobby Charlton.

Are there any others I've missed? I'm just wonderig if either of the two guys involved in the chest painting are of some significance?


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Brian Blessed conducting the choir
Question Author
Cheers sandyroe, not noticed that yet!
at 0:24
Stuart Pearce
apparently Deigo Maradonna cleaning the floor?
Ray Clements, goalie nxt to Sir Bob
Sorry, Peter Shilton
Peter Shilton with Bobby Charlton
TV presenter Helen Chamberlain
Question Author
Looks like I've only seen the shortened version onTV, just watching the 1.30 length one now on youTube, there are loads more.
Question Author
Yes, definitely only seen the short version which only has the ones I mentioned in the OP.
Thanks for all your answers.
Ray Mears
Lord Lucan and Shergar too I think ?
Question Author
Mentioned in the OP sir.prize.

You forgot Glen Miller.....

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