F.....g crazy frog

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johnbjohn | 16:18 Fri 20th May 2005 | Adverts
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I notice all the sensible people complaining about that frog, the sad thing is that it will probably be number 1 in the charts next week. We should all put a ban on buying this damn record, it was bad enough in the 80's when Axel Rose done the original without that little c..t making it worse. Who else agrees? 


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Hmmm... Axl Rose recording Axel F.  Must have missed that version.
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sorry, you are correct it was Axel F, of course Axel Rose was with Guns 'n' Roses.
It was in fact Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer,but back to the Frog, send it to a French restaurant and serve it up minus that bloody ring tone/tune.
Absolutely agree.  The whole ad, ring tones etc. leave me cold.  According to today's papers, over 400 people have complained re. the frog ad showing on ITV/C4/C5.  I think that television needs to become more responsible and say no to these ring tone ads that can involve young people in unnecessary expenditure.  Call me a moaner, but that other thing that is annoying me at the moment is the preview ads for Big Brother.  Apart from the fact that I have never watched a minute of Big Brother ever, can don't understand the attraction, the irresponsible television producers are going to put it on just when GCSE students should be revising and concentrating on exams.
yes, the ad does grate a bit after the 10th time in one ad break...but who is buying it?
Yeah, boycott the stupid frog ringtone!!! it sucks
..according to one newspaper today over 2 million people have bought the ringtone!!!....bit pointless really, no one knows if it's their phone thats ringing or the rest of the population's...I work for a hight street dep. store and they've been playing that single for over a week now's like torture...

Jamster has made over �14 milion JUST from that poxy frog, so there are idiots out there!
Unfortunatley the ones who pay are the parents of the under age kids who text off for their "rip off" "services".
Complain to ICSTIS here

And to the ASA here:-

If enough do, we might collectivly have these leeches shut down for good

That frog is so annoying, it gets on my nerves!!. Biggest load of sh!t I have ever heard!! Ban it.
Everybody PLEASE go and by a copy of Coldplay's new single in an effort to stop this frog nonsense getting to number one.
this frog is terrible!!! it needs to be banned. everytime the adverts come on i switch over channels,so really they're not doing themselves any favours putting them on tv!
I was watching something on Dicovery science on the hms hood during the 2n world was last night and during EVERY break, every 15 mins, the advert appeared THREE, yes THREE times, it is unbearable, it puts me off watching TV.
Actually it doesn't bother me..... I can live with it, I can live without it.... what's the big deal?

i hate that stupid frog advert ,we got rid of that other stupid advert from kfc now we have this every 5 secs .

bring back the bisto kids or the honey monster  or the green cross code ads  far better for road safety  .

in addition to the last why dont we keep showing ads for not using mobile phones while driving or better still keep showing what misery and cost to the tax payers teen pregnancy causes maybe a ad every 10 secs would drum some sence  into these people .

The bottom paragraph tells how to complain about that stupid irritating ad
( read the bit that starts with "IMPORTANT - JAMSTER"

The problem is that the more dipsticks who pay �3 to buy the ringtone, then the more money Jamster make, then the more advertising time they can buy.

And at the end of the day that's all that the TV channels care about.  �������'s. 

Responsibility in TV went out with the 70s I'm afraid.  I hate the whole stupid frog phenomenon, but as long as there are people to shell out the cash, then there will be people to exploit them and annoy the rest of us.

From a businessman's point of view, I think Crazy Frog is an excellent example of what modern day, cutting-edge marketing is all about - selling people useless crap they don't need, and becoming extremely rich in the process.

I wouldn't buy it. It may be as annoying as hell, but I envy anyone who can make a packet from such a load of rubbish. Sheer, naked genius.

Yes, it is clever.The advert is the product.How post-modern! (or self-reflexive, must check my semiotics...)

By the way, the single is out-selling Coldplay 4 to 1.

How's that for Fairtrade, Chris Martin?

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