TV Advert... What WAS it?

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Jooster | 02:21 Fri 20th May 2005 | Adverts
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Both my partner and I can remember a TV advert where a (cartoon?) character popped up throughout saying "I remembered" or was it right at the end of the Ad that it popped up and said "Funny how you always remember right at the end".

Sorry it's vague but SOMEONE must remember this Ad.





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I remember the ad. can't particularly rember it being for Topic, but they do still make them Andy.
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Thanks Andy, Chillum. Either got any info on how the Ad ran? eg, what was going on in the Ad (I seem to recall a narrator - unseen - and this character popping up. Was the character just answering the question "What has a hazelnut in every bite?"? In other words, how did the "storyline" of the Ad go?

Topics are still made by Masterfoods and part of the Mars group/brands. However, if you go to the Masterfoods web-site, Topic is not listed amongst their product range (Mars, Maltesers, Galaxy, Snickers etc are listed). Soz, going a bit off the original topic - no pun intended ;-)


The question/song went something like

"What has a Hazelnut in every bite?

Thick milk chocolate for your delight,

Nougat and caremel golden light,

And don't forget a Hazelnut in every bite".

I think the voice of the animated character was Bill Oddie. And yes, there was an unseen narrator.

Another ad had the narrator trying to prompt the character with the tag line. He would say "A..." to which the animated character would say "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" The narrator would try again, "A H..." to which the character would say "A Happy Birthday to Toby" ( the character's name I guess ). The narrater would repeatedly say "No, no,no, try again".

After the narrator delivers the line ( "a hazelnut in every bite" ), the animated Toby says "I remember" to which the narrater replies, "Yes, funny how you always remember right at the end".

Those were the days ( I spent too much time in front of the TV obviously ).

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Soz, pressed the Submit button accidently on my previous post. I'll try again -

tonymclark - FANTASTIC! And really clears up the confusion I had where I could remember two catch phrases ("I remembered" and "Funny how.....") but couldn't fathom how they could both be used in the same Ad. Your answer... Simple. There were two Ads!

Ooooh, I'll sleep peacefully tonight! Although, the missus might be so made-up with solving this.... weeell, maybe she'll show her appreciationin errr-hummm, other ways.... I have bought a topic for her, too. Me? I'll pig-out on Joosters.

Thanks again to all!


I remember this ad must have run when I was at secondry school, as some joker would always ask "What has a hazelnut in every bite", to which the reply was "Squirrel s**t".

I still can't picture clearly how the animated character looked. Something simple along the lines of Morph I think ( though a drawn animated character, not plasticine ).

To add to tonymclark's answer, the animated character, (I though it might have been Tony?), would chomp away at a giant topic bar sort-of-thing, revealing letters from the phrase 'A hazelnut in every bite' as he went along.

He 'can't remember' the phrase and thus has to chomp his way through all the chocolate to reveal all the letters. Hence, 'funny how you remember right at the end' ie when all the choccie is finished.

thank you brachiopod, it was a large Topic bar that almost filled the screen that the character was hiding behind. It was all set against a plain white background if I remember rightly.
It was your prompting that helped me remember, tonym !
I know this is an old question - but I have just stumbled accross it...
One of the answerers was correct about the script. Toby was the character (Bill Oddie's voice), and the voice off was Graham Garden - I know - I animated it.
Topic commercial with Toby:

http://www.tellyads.c...e.php?filename=VA0368 Media URL:
Description: Topic Commercial
Topic Commercial with Toby:

http://www.tellyads.c...e.php?filename=VA0368 Media URL:
Description: Topic Commercial
Topic chocolate bar.

Toby would have several goes at the catchphrase (which was "a hazlenut in every bite") such as .....

"A ha"
"A happy birthday to Toby!!"
"A hazlenut in every bite!! I remember!!"

Funny how you always remember right at the end

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