1st Ever Shameless Episode

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[email protected] | 01:46 Wed 11th May 2005 | Adverts
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For this, I'm going to need you to think back, or look back if you can. I'm trying to find out the name and artist who does a song thats featured in Channel 4's "Shameless". It's on the first episode of the first series.

The part it's on is where characters Fiona and Veronica are in a night club, where they first meet Steve. It's been really bugging me as I've heard the song loads of times before.

If anyone could have a look for me it would be a great help. Thanks for your time.


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just watched that episode again, can't think for the life of me what it is, but I will remember... the episode again and ring shazzam on 2580(i think) hold the phone to the music and they will text you back with the answer...

It's one of those "oh I know it but I just can't think what it is?!" isn't it. I might be very wrong but I think it may be Safri Duo.......

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I have it! I finally found out! My friend told me. But jennibean, yes you are right, it is Safri Duo - Played a Live (Bongo Song).

Thanks everyone for looking, it's very much appretiated.

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1st Ever Shameless Episode

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