persil advert late 1990's

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joggybear | 13:48 Wed 22nd Feb 2012 | Adverts
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just a random thought-does anyone remember a little boy (blonde i think) who had strange accent/way of saying Persil 'tableets'? I thought at time, he was cute, and probably got the advert because of it, but the advert was only shown a few time. Was this normal (short show of advert) or does anyone know if it was pulled because he was (possible) teased at school? often thought about it over the years,now have somewhere to ask, I was mad on adverts at one time, wish the smash aliens would come back-was very young when they were on. Thanks


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I remember one where the kid called them "persil tabloids"
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fairly sure it was tableets as my little brother went round house copying him, he was bit older but had habit of copying adverts and mimicking them
You might find it here:
I haven't looked at all of them, so I don't know if your advert in included.
Is this the one?

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persil advert late 1990's

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