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Jemisa | 21:07 Sun 01st May 2011 | Adverts
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Wickes AD, - Who does the voice-over for the Wickes ad? we can't agree
H says Arthur Smith, I say Gearge Lamb, but it could be someone else entirely.

Anyone know?



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I think it's Timothy Spall.
As Vegasmad says, it's Timothy Spall:

Question Author
Thanks Lads. Timothy Spall?? Really?? and I said to my mate I thought he had a sexy voice. Now I know its Timothy Spall I think I'll change my mind. Hmmmmm!!

He does British Gas aswell, Jem. Just warning you before you think that one is sexy too :)
Question Author
Thanks Arti, I consider myself forewarned.

I did notice looking on your profile you've only been with us 5 days. I don't know if I walcomed you on board but WELCOME to you. We're a good bunch here and I hope you enjoy your time with us.
Tell us something about yourself - ,

Mmm, not been asked that one before. Thanks for the welcome. Middle-aged (with a very slight spread to go with it). Self-employed, own business. Separated. Two cracking daughters (grown-up), living in the US. Like writing, puzzles, DIY, friends, pub now and again, Corrie, Mastermind, Keith Lemon. About to join the local choir. That's it, I think. I've been dipping my toe into AB for about a year. It's nice of you to take an interest. Probably sorry you did now......Jem....Jem? Typical! Usual effect I have on people.
well...................... that was a nice CV arti :)
Thanks, Anne :) Do I get the job?
arti, what post were you applying for again ? excuse me jem .
Ermmm....not really sure, Anne. Proper ABer, I think.
Question Author
Good Morning Arti, - Thankyou for your detailed profile I didn't mean to pry like that.
You do have an interesting lifestyle and how lovely to live in the U S.
I myself am a bit older than you, a mother of 3 and G/mother to 2 . Born & bred in London but now retired to an Essex coastal town called Southend.

I hope you have a good day.

Happy to help jem. (although I'm not a lad)
Hi Jem. I'm not in the US; my daughters are. I'm a Brit and live in Cheshire. Incidentally, I didn't think you were prying :)
Arti, is it you lives in the US, or your daughters....?
Mornin', Boxy :) My daughters do. I don't. I've been to the US several times. I've visited 27 states altogether.
..and other countries, too, I bet, arti.
Question Author
WOW!! 27? thats impressive Arti,

I'm not as well-travelled as I'd like, Boxy (although my face tells a different story). France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Mexico, The States. I would like to retire somewhere hot and different, culturally, though I'd make regular visits to Blighty and the US, still.
Did most of those states when I was a lot younger, Jem. First time was when I was 21 and hitch-hiked around with a friend. Got treated like royalty everywhere I went. The English accent was quite more ways than one ;)

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