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milly143 | 13:17 Mon 21st Mar 2005 | Adverts
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I know someone asked what the worst advert was. What about the best one?? I love the Honda adverts, expecially they one where all the car parts are set up in a domino effect and end up turning on the CD player. V. cool.


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Best advert is the Citroen (I think that's the make) where the car stands up and dances - I so love it.
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yeah that was my second fave. However it is sad that a car can dance better then me.

Guiness ads are always excellent. The horses crashing from the waves


The best ad EVER was the smash aliens...

Where to start, the jacobs essentials where she knocks herself out on the cupboard in the kitchen (dancing to knock on wood), the muller advert where every1 is dancing, the john west advert where he fights with the bear, and can any1 remember the adver with the squirrel doing an asault course to get some nuts, with the owl at the end?

Yup Sam86, that was a "bet he drinks Carling Black Label" ad.  However, the Oldie ad that I loved was for Cointreau, where that gorgeous french man says  that cointreau and ice is "like zee warmsth of we french and zee cool of you english, voila, the ice she melts" Got goosebumps now!!

Am I alone in liking the Panda ads for Beef tonight??

i like the pot noodle ones! 'have you got the horn', 'it's king huge' and 'it's dirty but you want it'. 

What about the Irn Bru ads? Especially "Give yer old grandad a sip"?!!!
I must admit i do like the lynx ads for their deoderants. The 'make love' one, remember the song?!
Irn Bru and Guinness get my votes for the best long-running campaigns.  They were/are all great ads, especially the 80s ones.  Also loved the Tango commercials of old. Citroen dancing car is cool too.
Walls micro-sausages, the one with the mad dog who attacks his owner....hilarious!
Oh God yeah the Tango ads. I even sent off for a "Gotan" the orange plastic doll thing that was their God and still have him somewhere.

I love the Yellow Pages ads as well - with whathisname (James Hewitt? I "think") in - where he says "Some eejit has cut my nieces hair... blah blah ... if you sort this mess for me, I will pay you double! You're very very nice people". All the Yellow Pages ads with him in are superb.

I also love the Jacobs one where the woman bangs her head on the cupboard.

And the old one - Funky Old Cortina ad (to the tune of Funky Cold Medina (sp?)) for Nescafe.

I am sure there are so many more but I just can't think of any at the minute....
i like the wkd alchopop ads, the one where the karate bloke farts, it cracks me up every time. (have u got a wkd side?)
It's 11:30 diet coke? yes please!!!

guys easily, the vw golf advert with gene kelly! omg i stoood there infront of the tv with my mouth wide open in complete awe!

by the way how funny is the hellmans mayo ad where the fat fella is dancing!

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