What we learned on the AB this week

19:00 Fri 24th Feb 2006 |

Forget about skool, everything you'll ever need to know in life, you can learn it here on the ole AB, and you don't have to wear a school uniform - unless of course you are into that sort of thing. For those who were too busy working, doing homework or taking care of the kiddies - here are the top ten things you could've learned on the AnswerBank this week:

1. Before the advent of drills - well digging was a very complicated process, fraught with danger (walls regularly caved in), involving at least three men and a shed-load of shovels - and most wells were square, not round - easier to dig that way.

2. If someone tells you they were in the SAS, they are probably a "Pub Muppet".

3. The word "ditloid" comes from the first letters in the title of the Alexander Solzhenitsyn novel 'One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich' - which can be abbreviated to "1 DITLOID".

4. The 'dry roast nut' was created by the Planters company in 1906. Or, a very tanned Adam in the Garden of Eden - scarecrow.

5. Popcorn sold in theatres has a higher markup than illegal drugs.

6. There are two mayors in London - the Lord Mayor of the City of London, who dons fancy dress and parades through the City once a year, and Ken Livingstone, the mayor of Greater London, who increases your Underground fares once a year.

7. There was once a street in London called, "Grope Cunte" Street where prostitutes frequented. It is now called "Threadneedle" Steet and home to the Bank of England.

8. The main ingredient in Aspirin was first used by Hippocrates in 400BC.

9. The name "Jayden" may not be considered a "fashion statement" but it is a very fine name, indeed.

10. And the most important thing we learned is girls do not like getting their butt grabbed at clubs. So guys, before you head out this weekend...

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