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Thanks for clicking on The AnswerBank's tree of knowledge!

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but sometimes, when you get to my age, you feel more like the tree than the apple. And when you're dealing with a tree of knowledge you don't want to lose your apples (or is that marbles? I forget). To this end I've put together this list of helpful articles and questions from across the site:

Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions. It covers a whole range of site features and concerns, from the technical to the social.

Want an Avatar? An Avatar is a little picture next to your posts, it's a great way of adding a little individuality to your questions and answers.

If you want the right answer, you've got to ask the right question! Whenever composing a question please give as much detail as possible. We have plenty of boffins on the site, but very few of them are mind-readers. For an example, check out the best way to ask a question in Technology (we also have a Tech FAQ here). Don't worry about overloading us with detail, it's always better to filter out what's important and what isn't than have to guess!

Some guidelines for Quizzes and Puzzles (including crosswords) can be found here.

The site operates under these rules. They apply everywhere, but there are come exceptions, caveats and reminders to be heeded:

In Quizzes & Puzzles we don't mind you posting your address, if you're selling or supplying a quiz. If you are selling a quiz, please make sure you note it in the "Quizzes and Puzzle Round Up" thread (it's "sticky" at the top of the page in Q&P).

Our Law section often contains questions from people in trouble with the police. As such they are searching for help and advice, not admonishment. Users who suggest that they "hope they throw the book at you" that they should "bring back hanging" or that they "throw away the key" will have their comments removed. If persistent the user may face suspension or a banning.

Chatterbank is for chatter. It isn't however a notice board for contacting specific users to inform them you've sent them a message on another social network, emailed them, or sent them a postcard, telegram or smoke signals. These threads serve little purpose other than excluding the wider community. Threads like this will be removed.

The Suggestions category is designed to make suggestions about how we could improve the site not a place to ask for suggestions on a topic!


Did you know we have a Youtube Channel? It's full of helpful advice and walk-throughs, like this one on the "My Profile" feature:


If you've got a suggestion for a video, pop a thread in Suggestions, or contact us with the contact form. If you'd prefer to email us directly you can do so at this address: [email protected]

If you're having trouble with your subscription emails, please follow these instructions to make sure you can receive email alerts from us.

That's all for now! Let me know if there's something else which really ought to be here!

All the best,

AB Editor.

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