The AnswerBank Newsletter April 2011

16:45 Mon 04th Apr 2011 |

It finally feels like Spring is here, and with it comes a few changes to the site. We have two new sub-topics springing about the place like excitable lambs.
Weight Loss & Dieting
Inspired by the Onwards & Downwards Club we have created a new category - it is perfect for those looking for moral support, those with questions and those looking for tips and tricks to help them, shift that little extra weight. Why not join in and share your experiences in Weight Loss & Dieting?
Twitching & Birdwatching
After the great sucess of Twitchers, Ornithologists & Feathered Friend Fanciers (a monthly thread for sharing your bird sightings and pictures) we're proud to introduce Twitching & Birdwatching to The AnswerBank.
While at the moment there is no formal way of adding your bird snaps to The AnswerBank we've produced a Adding Image Links To The AnswerBank guide.

A Cormorant - Submit Your Bird Etching To The AnswerBank Birdwatching & Twitching Forum!

Other Business

This reshuffle has also lead to a little rearrangement elsewhere on the site. The "Play" section has been removed and the games have been rehomed under Gaming. One category which didn't make it through the winter was "Poll Discussions" - which will no longer feature on the site.

Despite this minor cull we still think The AnswerBank is a bit cluttered. As such we'd like to know: Which AnswerBank Topics Would You Like To See Moved or Removed?

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Our lovely users also contribute articles, like this one on dieting myths and this on the census & family history.

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