Keeping Track of My Questions in The AnswerBank

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

When we post a question on The AnswerBank sometimes we want to keep track of it with as little effort as possible.

Once we’ve asked a question there are two ways to keep track of it.


When you subscribe to a question you will receive email updates whenever someone answers your question. To subscribe to your question visit it once you’ve finished posting and click the “Subscribe” button on the light orange bar between “Report This Question” and “Post an Answer”.

Once you’ve subscribed to a question you’ll be altered by email when your question is answered. Also, while browsing the AnswerBank a “Subscribed Threads” pod should appear on the bottom right-hand side of the page. This should contain your most recently subscribed questions.

You can subscribe to other questions that interest you, not only your own

My Profile

The second way to keep track of your questions is to use the “My Profile” page. 

To visit the “My Profile” Page you need firstly be signed in. Once signed in there should be a button below The AnswerBank logo and the “Welcome Back...” message which says “My Profile”. Left-click it.

You should now see your profile page. At the top are you statistics, displaying the number of questions and answers you have had reported or removed, as well as the total.

Below this you are given the option of five tabs. The default tab is “My Questions” which allows you to see all questions submitted by you.

To view questions you’ve answered click the “Q’s I answered” tab. Recently viewed questions can be accessed by clicking the “Recently viewed Q’s” tab. Unsurprisingly the “Subscribed threads” tab will show you all threads you are currently subscribed to.

The “Threads Involving Me” tab displays a combination of questions you have a asked and questions you have answered.

By using these filters and viewing the lists of questions below you should be able to find the question you were looking for.


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