Answers To The AnswerBank's Facebook Quiz June 2013

15:30 Tue 18th Jun 2013 |

We've been running a little quiz on The AnswerBank's Facebook page while the site was down for maintenance.

Here's the answers! Remember to tot up your score and let us know how you did!

Who was taller, Muhammad Ali or Jack Johnson?
Ali is taller (1 point), but it is often said Johnson was the stronger man.

Who was the first woman in space?
Valentina Tereshkova (1 point)- but she didn't go to the moon. We're still waiting for the first woman to walk on the moon.

Which blues singer famously sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his talent?
Robert LeRoy Johnson (1 point) allegedly sold his soul to the devil - while the Faustian tale probably isn't true, his list was mysterious and ill documented, leading to all sort of other tales! Listen to more about Robert Johnson on this Radiolab Podcast.

Who was the fourth circle of hell for in Dante's Inferno?
The greedy (1 point), miserly and prodigal squanderers of their wealth. They are punished by being weighed down by giant sacks of money and forever fighting between two sides. The two opposing groups are those who hoard and those who squander.

Where is the coldest village on earth?
Inhabitants of Oymykon (1 point) in the Sakha Republic in Russia have to deal with a January mean temperature of -46C. While the South Pole and Antarctica do get colder, the majority of inhabitants are visitors rather than inhabitants. You also get a point if you mentioned Eureka (1 point) in Canada which has the lowest annual mean temperature of -19C.

Which post-war UK Prime Minister has had the largest majority?
Tony Blair (1 point) had a majority of 179 in the 1997 landslide election. The nearest comparable Conservative PM is, of course, the late Baroness Thatcher who claimed massive 144 majority in '83. Bringing up the rear is Harold Wilson with a majority of just 3 in the 1974 election.

How much did a Sinclair C5 cost when it was first released in 1985? (Bonus points if you remember the price of delivery!)
The hilarious C5 cost £399 (1 point) - and £29 for delivery (1 point) - accounting for inflation this is around £1025, which is still about ten times too much!

What kind of Italian cheese should be used in a Philly Cheese-Steak?
While "American cheese" and the horrific sounding "Cheez Wiz" are both used widely, it's the tasty Italian cheese Provolone (1 point) which provides the best Philly Cheese-Steak experience!

What is a ALLTAMI (n.)? (Two answers here!)
It's a village in Flintshire, Northeast Wales (1 point) for a start, but more importantly it is "The ancient art of being able to balance the hot and cold shower taps" (1 point) - according to Douglas Adams and John Lloyd's nonsense book "The Meaning Of Liff".

So, how did you get on? If you're the first here, why not start a thread in ChatterBank, or Editor's Blog to share your scores?

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