Advertising On The AnswerBank

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Advertising On The AnswerBank

The AnswerBank offers several advertising options for our partners

We offer targeted topic and cross topic targeting for advertisers. This mean you can specifically target a certain section of visitors interested in particular topics, or build a more complex and wider profile.

What Is The AnswerBank?

The AnswerBank is a friendly, active Question & Answers site. 


What Kinds Of Advertising Does The AnswerBank Support?

The AnswerBank supports several kind of advertising this includes:

  • Topic Targeting Advertising
  • Takeover Advertising
  • General advertising

Topic Targeting Advertising offers advertisers and partners the opportunity to target only those visitors interested in a certain topic. As The AnswerBank is broken down into easily marketable topics this means our advertisers know they're going to be reaching the right market. It needn't be limited to a single section of the site either, cross-topic advertising can be very effective.

Takeover Advertising is our most impressive advertising product - turn any section of The AnswerBank into your brand's own personal soapbox. We will remove all other advertising from the page and offer you additional ad-sizes to those usually on offer. This is a superb way to make sure your brand message hits the right people.

General Advertising is also available in a variety of sizes and locations. We can off as much or as little targeting.


What Banner Sizes Does The AnswerBank Support?

The AnswerBank can offer the following Ad Sizes for general advertising:

  • Two vertical skyscrapers placed either side of the main content area, (120 x 600)
  • One horizontal banner at the top of the page, (468 x 60)
  • Central MPU amongst the main content next to the "Best Answer" display (300 x 250)

For Takeovers we also offer:

  • Background image (1280 x 640, some restrictions apply)
  • Sponsor Strip at the top and bottom of the content (970 x 60)
  • Central MPU amongst the main content next to site utility functions, (300 x 250)

Different configurations can be negotiated depending on the kind of banner shape and sizes you have on offer and what will be more effective for your brand.

What Is A Takeover?

A takeover is when a brand or product not only take all the impressions for the page but also takes over additional advertising space.

A takeover offers a background image which appears on either side of the central content column. This is superb for creating powerful branding messages with real impact.

We also offer the sponsor strips (a 970 x 60 leader-board style banner) at the top and bottom of the content areas, allowing you to bookend your brand message for all users.

Pricing For Advertising On The AnswerBank

The AnswerBank works out all advertising deals on a CPM basis.

For category takeovers we offer a minimum of a month's residency.

None Of This Appeals To You?

If you've got a great advertising idea we're always happy to listen. Please feel free to contact us with any ideas for how we could work together.

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