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Davethedog | 15:20 Fri 16th Apr 2010 | Editor's Blog
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I was posting on a thread by a, young lady, about attracting men and it just dissapeared, can I ask why, it was a little naughty but every one including the poster seemed amused and unoffended.



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Are you calling the Ed fat?
Question Author

No chuck not at all I missed a space.
it does look like that Dave .lol
I thought that as well....

Does gnome really exist?
give us a clue ummm
what's a gnome apart from the obvious
I thought Gnome was confined to Private Eye....
It's suppose to be some sort of sensor thing that flags up suspicious users....
cheers now I know
Question Author
I'm not a suspicious user 8-( Its an honest question I just wanted to know why the thread got dissapeared.

Not rude, not leading just a simple question.

If it offended someone ok, i'm not asking who, just why the whole thread was gone.
your eyes are very close together there
I didn't mean you Dave....just telling Bobbi what 'gnome' is suppose to
Question Author
Ah I saw that thread earlier. Was contemplating suggesting she put something behind her ears.
such as legs perchance?
Question Author
It definitely hadn't run its course. Had it chaps? :-)
Deary me... :-O Chanel No. 5 usually works.
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