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AB Editor | 15:32 Fri 15th Jan 2010 | Editor's Blog
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Dear All,

For those that don’t know this coming Sunday election day in Chile. To show our respect to Chile’s democratic spirit, and to those Chileans who work with us, we thought a new AnswerBank logo for the weekend would be fitting.

The first round of elections has been and gone knocking out Marco Enríquez-Ominami, an independent attempting to build a new party from scratch and Jorge Arrate (token communist). Marco Enríquez-Ominami is an independent trying to build a new party, and he may potentially succeed one day – he gained 20% of the vote and came out of nowhere.

The remaining presidential candidates are Sebastián Piñera and Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle of the Coalition for Change and Concertación respectively. Currently the Coalition for Change is slightly ahead in the polls by six points.

Below are some basic links for those who wish to know more about Chilean politics and History.

We will update you with news as we hear it.

All the best,

Spare Ed

Politics of Chile:

Chilean war of independence:


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Enjoyed my times in Antofagasta, Valparaiso and Arica many Years ago.
Some fine looking women in Chile !
!!!Piñera will WIN!!!!
Chile need a new type of democracy.....

20 years of the same Sugar, it's to much.....

!!!Live Piñera!!!!
I have Chili with all my meals. : -)
Could we not show the flag of haiti ?
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Question Author
I Agree - sometimes fresh blood is required in politics.

The UK requires a bit of shake-up as well! Too many old dogs in the system.

Spare Ed
This is the words !!! Many old dogs !!! In the "concertacion".

But i belive .... this sunday we make history on Chile.

Old dogs to home!
Question Author
Good Luck Pinereitor!

Spare Ed
Ed - don't forget to acnowledge Winnie The Pooh Day on January 18th
The Ed's real name is Sanchez.

He thpeak Sthpaneeth
So like we are interested,or something?
We need democracy in the UK,never mind Chile!
What a bizarre choice.
WHO(here) works with a Chilean?
JJ, the Spanish lisp (because one of their kings once did and nobody dared not to), but Latin Americans don't.
I am totally mystified by this Ed.

Why should any of us ABers be the slightest bit interested in the Chilean elections?
-- answer removed --
Dear AB Spare Ed

Is this meant to be allegorical? (I wanted to use the word 'meta' but that would be a tragic thing for a post-punk, pre-clubbing era person to attempt, sans any understanding of what those whippersnappers mean by it...) :o)

If not, then I should at least feign knowledge of tee-shirts about quotes from musicians from Chile.

"I play because my guitar has both feeling and reason
- my guitar is not for the rich"

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