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Canary42 | 12:43 Mon 04th Jul 2022 | Editor's Blog
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Since the intro of so many resource-hungry ads plastering the screen left right and centre, this site runs like a dog. Please can you address the problem.


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Yes please.
I don’t use Google and have a VPN, and I hardly get any intrusive ads.
I use Google and don't use a VPN, and don't get intrusive ads.
i have only started getting the ads - anyone know how to stop so many, they are plastered all over the screen and i find it difficult to see beyond them.
Just started for me tonight. Very annoying
I have had them a long time and they are doing my lid in - when I go to post I can't see because of the adverts - that's why my Ipad doesn't play well.

Can you get the ads off on the Ipad - I've no problem with my computer upstairs - I'd be lost with out that.
i had no problems with ads until tonight, what's changed. I know they need the revenue, but is it necessary to have so many - disappointed.
You can “block” ads on ipad - you can either use a different browser or a Safari extension. Both are that “that shall not be mentioned”

If the ads are causing lots of problems, I suspect that it would help the Ed (and AB's techies) to know which devices, and which browsers, people are using.

For example, it's been well-document over many years that AB doesn't run well using Safari on an iPad. People using iPads might find that AB runs better when using Chrome
or Firefox

I recently emailed the Ed to point out that the sidebar ads disappear as soon as I'm logged into AB. (They're only there when I'm logged out. I'm using Slimjet, with the built-in ad-blocker disabled, on a Windows 10 laptop). So it could be said that I was actually asking to see more ads!

[However I've also been emailing the Ed (frequently!) about the ultra-annoying pop-up video ads that automatically play sound. At the moment, thankfully, they seem to have disappeared though].
I don't get many ads. I'm using a desk-top, Windows 10, and Firefox.
just logged into Avast browser, and its the same, i currently use Microsoft Edge and they are peppered all over the place, including pop up vids. How annoying is this.
AB runs brilliantly on this iPad using Safari.
I am relatively ad free. I don’t use any google products, no Facebook and use a VPN.
i have tried looking at Safari but its says for Apple Mac users? I don't want to be a curmudgeon, but this is a case of don't come on here other than the morning thread.... sorry.

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