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ABEditor22 | 11:52 Tue 01st Mar 2022 | Editor's Blog
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Dear AnswerBank Community,

I am writing to inform you that as of January 2022 I became the new owner of AnswerBank Ltd.

AnswerBank has been running since 2000 and at its peak, the website had over a million monthly visitors. To date, we have had more than 480,000 members join AnswerBank with a large community of active members still regularly posting on the site and engaging in the community.

Despite this positivity, in recent years, alongside the growth of other Social Media platforms and Search Engines, our active membership has been falling, and the platform requires significant updates and investment to ensure its continued operation.

In order to continue investing in the platform, my predecessors implemented Advertising on the site to ensure that the costs of running the platform were covered without asking members to contribute from their own pocket; this advertising revenue has been falling. I know that advertising isn’t popular and can be seen as intrusive, but without this vital advertising income AnswerBank is unable to fund its ongoing overheads. The development team and moderators here have donated their time to serve the community and I would like to express a special thank you to those individuals.

I know from the short time I have spent observing the community; AnswerBank is more than just a website; it’s a place where people share ideas and discuss topics with friends and peers. I know that life-long friendships have been forged on AnswerBank and many of our members rely on it.

It is, for this reason, I can confirm to the community that it is my intent to work with you all to grow and improve the platform, including investing in developing the site further, adding new functionality and improving the design, and exploring different monetisation models.

In carrying out the above I wish to work with the community, and we’ll be releasing further information in the coming weeks and months as to how we intend to do this.

For the time being, I would like to thank you for your support and express a heartfelt "hello, and nice to meet you" to the community.



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This is legitimate - Moderators, please do not remove.
Can I buy shares with you
Hello M. Nice to meet you and wishing you every success in your new venture.

(You're not 'M' - as in James Bond's 'M' are you?).
Hi,are you a previous member of AB ?
Who are you?

Are you an individual, or representative of a company?
Looks like a paid-for service is in the offing then

That will kill the site and see membership drop even further

Bit confused here, who actually owns Answerbank Ltd ?
just as well you explained, Spare Ed, I was about to ask if he/she was okay for orange B&Q buckets.
Hopkirk, he/she is the new owner. Read the first paragraph.
"exploring different monetisation models"
My question still stands
Hi naomi, how does one own a limited company ?
SK. One doesn't own a limited company.
Question Author
I can confirm that a "Paid-For-Service" or "Subscription" model is not something we are looking to implement at this stage. I hope that provides some assurance.
isn't that why SparklyKid inquired, dannyk?
Do you have links to Corby?
Sparkly. //A private limited company must have at least one owner. This means that one person (or corporate body) can be the sole owner of a company. //
Thanks for that Naomi.
Hi, welcome x if you behave yourself, we might let you have an avatar :-)

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