Is There An Upper Limit To The Number Of Characters Used In Reports?

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naomi24 | 09:23 Wed 17th Nov 2021 | Editor's Blog
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Twice this morning I've tried to submit a report but both times have received an 'error' notification. Is there a reason for this? The report consisted of about 20 lines and I'm wondering if that is too much?


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There have been posts longer than that Naomi.
Did you include an apostrophe in your report? If so, that's likely the cause.

If not, I'm stumped, but shouldn't be due to a character limit.
Question Author
I'm pretty sure my report doesn't exceed any character limits, danny, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Maybe there's something wrong with the reporting system?

No apostrophes, Jim.
Naomi, I think I misunderstood you.Do you mean this happened when using the 'report' button?
Question Author
Yes, danny.
In that case I'm not sure what the issue would be, although I'm impressed that you managed to avoid using even a single apostrophe in twenty lines. Can't hurt to double-check.

As far as I'm aware, the only time I've ever had issues with reports are when using apostrophes, so it should be fine for everyone. If you're still struggling I suppose email the eds directly, which is a bit of a hassle but I'm honestly not sure what else there is to do. Change web browser?
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I have checked, Jim. I'm aware that I have the option of emailing the Eds but I prefer, on this occasion, to use the report facility.

Perhaps one of the Eds will respond to this post and hopefully come up with a solution to the problem.
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Just tried a different browser. Still no success.
Naomi, have you tried truncating your report?
Knobbled by andy-hughes I reckon ! Lol
Question Author
No, danny. I don't think there's a reason to do that. It's only 798 words and it says what I want to say quite concisely.
Question Author
Haaa! Who knows, sticky. :o)
Might be better emailing the Ed.
My reports are usually one word- spam or rude
I've just tried to report two spam posts and they have not gone through. All I wrote was spam in the box. Perhaps the report facility has been disabled.
^ i've also tried to report spam without success

There shouldn't be.

What browser are you using?
APG & ael, maybe the spam was removed as you were reporting it.
798 words and it says what I want to say quite concisely

just as well you didn't go for the full-length version!
Danny -previously when reporting anything, a small black box would appear to the right of the screen advising that the report had been received, and I would be redirected to the home page. Recently when I've tried to report spam nothing has happened when pressing the send button and I have remained on the same page I was when I made the report.

Editor I am using Microsoft Edge through a lap top using Windows 10.
I always screenshot my reports (since otherwise I have no record of what I said) - I've checked one that got an ERROR response this morning and it definitely had no apostrophes, but did have brackets and question marks and full stops and commas.

Firefox on an iMac

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