Female Dogs....

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pixie374 | 13:04 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | Editor's Blog
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Can this please be allowed? It often is relevant in Animals and Nature, or Pets.
It would already be against existing rules to try to use it as an insult.

But sometimes dogs are female. And, it is an appropriate normal word.


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Done. We'll see how it goes.
Question Author
Thank you! X
Didn't work for my David Bowie song title, Queen ***, Spare Ed.

Back to the drawing board? :0)
Glad thats allowed now. Shame Answerbank still allow KETo and CBD Gummies though
Was it censored when posted or was it after the event?
I posted something about Police Dog Karma and that she was a ***. It got zapped.

Question Author
Question Author
Still censored.
Son of a Moose!
Bob, keto is a genuine interest for some diabetics and dieters but is nothing to do with supplements.

Same with CBD - there could be genuine questions about it.
I seen it was censored when posted and you questioned that since it was in a song title. The fact it is in the title of a song should not mean it is acceptable.

Unless the song is about a female dog, the word is being used in an offensive way and was therefore censored appropriately.
BOB, censoring certain words does not stop spam appearing and users having to be reported and/or banned.
Bob if Keto and cbd is allowed throgh only when Ed or a mod misses it.
Yet I think you've always been able to use it in the plural (bitches)
Bobb means the words 'Keto' and 'CBD' not the threads as such - as said there are totally acceptable threads on both on the site.
There have been suggestions in the past that any threads mentioning spam-related terms be deleted automatically so I thought that was what BOB was alluding to.
Is it considered offensive to call yourself a ***? Or to call yourself a *** when you're a man? Just wondering about Elton John's song, "The *** Is Back". EJ was referring to himself in the song. It was considered 'rather risque' in 1974, but that was a long, long time ago.
Yes Corby, I do think that's what he means - it wouldn't be easy to make it work if someone was asking a genuine question about Keto for example.
Question Author
Keto and CBD questions get through. I would have thought censoring was more about swear words, than subjects? Although, I don't know.
And TCL, surely a swear censor won't understand context? I took the Ed's reply to mean... as long as people don't abuse it.
Keto and CBD are not deleted because of those words.They are deleted because ot the spammers advertising such.

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Female Dogs....

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