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pastafreak | 11:32 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | Editor's Blog
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On Saturday evening, I posted a YouTube video of a toddler using a bad word...her mum was laughing. I warned in the headline that there was a bad word.
That post was removed...pretty quickly.
Yet I've just seen the Ed post a humerous video on another thread...with a similar warning of the same bad word.

Double standards...or a too keen mod on Saturday night?


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Do as I say, not as I do!
Hi Pastafreak,

Generally if there is a profanity warning then that is fine.

What thread did you post your video on? If there is a profanity warning I'll go and reinstate it.
I liked your post pasta. Was Funny . :-)
Question Author
It was my own thread..."Warning, Bad Word"...posted on Saturday @20:03. Can't supply a link..."That thread couldn't be retrieved "
SpareEd - if it helps, it was this thread -
-- answer removed --
Question Author
How come you were able to find the link LiK? Or shouldn't I ask...?
L-i k , That thread can't be retrieved.
Pasta - it's in your profile, I right-clicked the title then clicked "Copy Link"
No, but it gives the Eds the Question number.
Danny - yes, I know. My point was to show it to SpareEd to save them looking for it.
I've had a video removed for language- although to be fair, I didn't think to give a warning. Anyone old enough to read AB, is not going to be shocked or unaware...
But, after Ed's vid, I jokingly added and deleted, "reported for language".
Tbh, if we can't mention female dogs, I think it all needs an update.
Sorry L-i k.
No problem :-)
I admit I was a bit sanctimonious about that
the child cant unlearn,
and cant at that age decide properly whether to use it or not

member of the family teaching a two year old that a gull, seagull made the noise - faaaark ! oink baa etc - half the famly po-faced
female dogs....
deffo difficult

I referred to ma darg as a female dog
and the porters at the local super ( you can imagine their first language) just absolutely rolled in the aisles

at least they didnt shout it when I next went in - hey man where's your er famale dog
I'll reinstate the thread. Thanks for the link, Lie-in King.

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