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fbg40 | 11:29 Sat 15th May 2021 | Editor's Blog
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No question just to say that AB, in my opinion, is horrible to use with all the Ads floating about. I for one would certainly be willing to pay an annual subscription to keep these most annoying "things" away.I know this has been posted before but felt I just had to say something.


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i know what you mean, but i have now found a way to live with it, they are not so intrusive as they were at the beginning. someone said make your screen resolution bigger, not sure if that would work.......
i have found if you reject all cookies the ads are fewer
that does seem to happen ^
Agree with bednobs
I hate them too especially the flashing ones as they are very sore on my eyes. I'm constantly zapping them and don't even read what they say so it's all a bit pointless. They are so repetitive. I don't come on the site as often now because of them. Must try some of those tips mentioned
flashing ads? i don't get flashing ads?
Never seen a flashing ad on AB. I don't find the ads obtrusive, I have no idea what any of the ads are advertising.
I am in mind to have a rest from AB and give the site owners the opportunity to get things so that they operate sensibly. There are a number of matters that need attention.

The 'Cookies Setting Button' is tantamount to being a Con and the 'Anti Adblocker' which has been put on site by AB is a troublesome item. I keep getting the following 'Pop-up' when I am Not using an Adblocker......."It looks like you're using an adblocker.
We use ads to keep our content free. Please support us by turning off your adblocker."


no problems here - some ads but not particularly obtrusive.
PS. I wouldn't pay!
i have managed to limit them it seems, though the occasional flashing images are a nusiance
another forum I use has no ads & a voluntary donation that seems to bring in enough revenue to keep it going but probably not as much as the adverts do.
Surely Answerbank could function on Voluntary Contributions. Wikipedia does and is devoid of any Adverts.

I have to disable my ad blocker for this site every time I sign in. I thought it would keep it permanent. Twould seem not.
I get limited ads...small ones, a few are animated. They don't bother me.
Should others like me have to pay?
A voluntary subscription sounds better to me.
I suppose the question is "How much revenue do the ads bring in?".

A friend has a website with ads & makes quite a good income from it. Far more than it costs to run.

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