I Can't See Half The Pages Because Of A Pop

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emmie | 12:53 Wed 05th May 2021 | Editor's Blog
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up video that is irritating to say the least. Is there some way to have the ads at the
side, and across the middle of the page if need be. Otherwise i can't see what i am typing.


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Question Author
this has only happened recently. I have learned to live with the side ads.
Hi Emmie,

There should be a small X next to the video. Clicking this will close the ad.
mines gone from seeing the adds to that funny square face you get if somethings gone wrong on you computer, there's a few up the side and some along the bottom
Question Author
i did close it, and it popped back up again 6 goes.
Question Author
perhaps its gone.......
It's the same on my kindle. Annoying.
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And the cookies settings button is annoying. Once you've made your choice, this should disappear.
Question Author
but they don't.. ^^
The cookies button is very small at the bottom of my screen. No problem
Question Author
when you have a small screen its a problem...
Hi Emmie, what device are you using and is it not possible to scroll down so the video moves down and you're able to see what you're typing?
Question Author
its gone for now, but it was halfway across the answer box.
Question Author
fingers crossed it doesn't pop up again,

thanks for response

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I Can't See Half The Pages Because Of A Pop

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