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TheChair | 07:49 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | Editor's Blog
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It's a bit pathetic that 30% of the questions on the front page are requests for Golden numbers. Perhaps it's time for a new section "Promotional Cheats"


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perhaps they can't get the papers.
i've just replied on offers and comps about this
i know... there does seem a problem on this...
It’s not always possible to get out to buy your paper when your rural, I’m happy to share numbers.
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It's a bit pathetic when a moaner calculates the percentage of questions on Answerbank. Perhaps it's time for a new section "Naughty Numbers"

[Who said satire was dead :-) ]
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Doesn't take much to calculate 6/20 as a percentage. (Or maybe it does for ornamental cage birds?)


We won't be making any category changes but the "Offers & Competitions" category would be a good place for these threads. If you find them in other categories report them to me and I can move them.
Simple solution, buy the paper.
Some of us cannot get out for the papers. I subscribe to one paper for puzzles but the other paper I read I cannot access the puzzle on line. L-I-K supplies a great service on Sunday. Maybe those requesting the numbers cannot also get out.
This promotion is now online only, you don't get a card with the paper
I’m sorry people can’t get out. However I think I’ve seen every excuse under the sun and then some. From a personal point of view, if I couldn’t get my paper myself, I wouldn’t be scrounging, I’d just go without, competition or no competition.

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Golden *** Numbers

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