Have Any Other Abers Sufferd As I Have From Answerbank's Refusal To Allow Adblockers. ??

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HansUrbancka | 10:39 Thu 29th Apr 2021 | Editor's Blog
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In fact, I am still trying to regain all that I lost from my Firefox Browser when I attempted to remove an Adblocker which AB insisted I was using on site when I was Not.

It is the case that I now have a new copy of Firefox in my Desktop PC;



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nor me -
Everything is fine for me what are people on about
Nah, I just switched to Bing (spits to remove horrible taste) for Answerbank.

Firefox is only for dealing with real life. :-)
i use Microsoft edge, all seems fine.
I did what Jackdaw suggested and enlarged the screen. Works much better now.
what did you lose Hans?
Hans, I have Firefox.
When you enter AB you will see a small shield just to the left of the address bar. Click it and then turn off Enhanced Tracking Protection.
Sadly I have to do this each time I go to AB.
Is it possible for a site to report a non-existing ad blocker?
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[email protected] all Bookmarks, Usernames, Passwords etc

douglas9401..........Bing is Not a's a Search Engine which I prefer to Google.

THECORBYLOON.......It's surprising what a site can do by the use of Cookies. Have a look and read what AB can do by clicking at the bottom of this page 'Cookie settings'.

no, i imply turned mine off for this site. Chrome.
Yes, Hans. I lost a load of stuff that was handy. I blamed myself. Once I start pressing unfamiliar buttons I haven't got a clue what I'm doing.
Don't even think I had an adblocker. Used to get ads all the time. (mainly for adblockers)
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Spicerack......Don't blame yourself.....Blame AB ,because you were making sure that you didn't have an Adblocker to cause any suggestion of ignoring a request from the Ed. I was merely trying to turn off something I didn't have switched on in AB.

Incidentally, at present, without an Adblocker switched on in AB, I am Not getting any adverts. Perhaps Answerbank has reached it's 'sell-by' date. :-)

Hans i get ads but not so many as at first, i can't access the daily mail because it says i have an ad blocker on, which i don't..
initially I did but I have a solution to make the site usable.
I have selected my "cookies" with very good results. Am using Safari
emmie - sounds like you've disabled your adblocker on AB only, not other sites, hence Daily Mail problem.
me too calmck..
my lTEST
i am not too fussed about ad blocker for DM, besides i have no idea how to take it off their site.

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Have Any Other Abers Sufferd As I Have From Answerbank's Refusal To Allow Adblockers. ??

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