Have Any Other Abers Sufferd As I Have From Answerbank's Refusal To Allow Adblockers. ??

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HansUrbancka | 10:39 Thu 29th Apr 2021 | Editor's Blog
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In fact, I am still trying to regain all that I lost from my Firefox Browser when I attempted to remove an Adblocker which AB insisted I was using on site when I was Not.

It is the case that I now have a new copy of Firefox in my Desktop PC;



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my latest way to pass the day is to delete an ad and press the 'not interested in this ad' box, very satisfying
> I attempted to remove an Adblocker which AB insisted I was using on site when I was Not

aelmpvw glad to hear I'm not the only one who does that!
Just wondering how many more ads will pop up that they promise not to show again.:-)
It has certainly made my laptop much slower and is irritating. My main gripe is I have always had the ads for AB on my tablet, work PC and phone, only home laptop has an adblocker and that's because they are intrusive . 3/4 access methods seeing the damned ads is sufficient in my view.
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Answerbank certainly doesn't like Firefox and behaves very strangely towards the Browser. For instance, whilst I have uBlock turned off for AB in my Desktop HP Computer, I Do Not get any Adverts on Firefox. However, I am unable to use Firefox for the AB site on two Lenovo Laptops which I have, because the site insists I am using an Adblocker when I am Not.

Consequently, I am leaving things stand as they are and will Not attempt to correct the positions that prevail in my Laptops for fear of messing-up matters as happened with my Desktop PC.

I am still wondering if the time has arrived to forget about AB which appears to have now become a site with problems which remain unaddressed by Editorial staff; who regularly ignore correspondence.

Odd. I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Firefox. Adblock plus is turned off for AB yet I get no ads at all. I get a reminder to update Firefox but I am letting sleeping dogs lie.
I'm seeing very few ads in Firefox with the adblocker turned off. I have no idea why turning off your adblocker on one website caused you so much grief, Hans.
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@barry1010......Because I like Firefox and AB was preventing me from using it.

I haven't used Firefox for some time, but I've just fired it up, and updated it to version 88.0, on this Windows 7 desktop. With AdblockPlus disabled for AB everything is behaving as it does with Edge and Chrome browsers.
no mine is OK
and some of the ads are more articulate than some of the posts

( = the ads say more )
Firefox works fine for me on desktop & laptop. Have you got the "DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials" (or similar) extension installed & not disabled for AB?
I am quite happy to put up with static ads down the side, but animated flashing images and ads between responses to posts completly destroy the user experience. Thankfully, I dont have any ads at all now when browsing AB, and despite having disabled the ad blocker as requested. Not allowed to say how though as its been zapped twice already.
Hans, I was using FF for AB with an adblocker. When we had no choice I simply disabled the adblocker for AB and carried on using it. I lost nothing, no glitches, no headache.
I use FF sync so it runs exactly the same on all my devices, even if reinstalled.
You did say you had your techies fiddle with it, maybe that was the problem
///some of the ads are more articulate than some of the posts ///

Priceless PP ;-)
Yes. Pain. Every time I try to get onto AB I get the blasted message and it takes three or four attempts to get through. Don't have an ad blocker.
Is it beyond the wit of man to get this sorted?
Which browser do you use, Paigntonian?
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[email protected] is correct in what he has said. It is now the case that no longer am I able to use Firefox to enter Answerbank, even without an any form of Adblocker or 'do not track ad-on' so it certainly looks as if the time has arrived for me to say goodbye to AB which, in my opinion, has put extremely dangerous cookies into my computer which is causing no end of trouble to me.


Just curious Hans, you didn't respond to LIK's question about privacy essentials.

Is that worth checking?
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[email protected]:16 Mon......Sorry if I appeared to have been rude in Not replying to your posting. This morning is the first time for me to look into AB since my posting at 17.11 yesterday.

I felt sure I had cancelled 'Privacy Essentials' but, as there is an automatic Tracking Blocker built into Firefox, I didn't need to retain the Duck Duck Go item amongst my Add-ons. As a result I have given attention to matters and wish to thank LIK for suggesting as he did.


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Have Any Other Abers Sufferd As I Have From Answerbank's Refusal To Allow Adblockers. ??

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