Pls Tell Me I Have No Time Left Should I Go??

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evelyn35508 | 03:27 Thu 01st Apr 2021 | Editor's Blog
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Hello thank you for looking at this Ima get straight to the point. One of my close friends, she invited me to skip school and go shopping a the mall and to eat at a restaurant for my birthday (we are both good students)well I hardly ever go out with friends I never went out with anyone since covid. We are both sophomores and we both have strict parents. My mother will freak tf out if she finds out and I am terrified of her finding out but I also want to live my life to the fullest and make good memories. This year I haven't joined a single club and I pretty much have made no memories. In order to go with her I have to walk through her neighborhood (which wouldn't be a problem but its the hood.) I also live in apartments and I have nosy neighbors who will report everything to my mom and my friend lives a street across from where I live. I am terrible conflicted on what to do. My plan is to pretend I missed the bus and pretend to go to another neighbor hood to catch the bus then I will go to another street (where they wont see me) and go to my backyard and put my book-bag there so that when I come home I will pick it up and pretend to have arrived from school. I am really scared of my mom but I do want to go cause i feel like its a once in a lifetime opportunity to make some fond memories.


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Posted twice. Go to school. Do you have April fools day in the states?
go to school
fond memories are made when you don't have to lie to get your way, go to school

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Pls Tell Me I Have No Time Left Should I Go??

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