I Agree Again And Again

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Theland | 16:02 Thu 25th Jun 2020 | Editor's Blog
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How many times do I have to press buttons on here saying I AGREE?
Its every five minutes!


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I agree completely.
I couldn't agree more...
It is being worked on , reply from yesterday.
Have you really thought about it , though ?
I disagree. It's every 5 seconds (NOT minutes)
Question Author
I'm not very agreeable today :-(
Ed - I hope posting this is ok...

Download the add-on called "I don't care about cookies" -

Firefox -
Chrome -
Edge -

You shouldn't get the message again - I don't, in any of those ^ browsers.
It appears it is still not fixed .. not only do I have to 'agree' every time I refresh a page .. now I have to press 'Sign In' as well, very annoying .. suppose it'll be an evening back on Youtube once again ?
Even with the solution from LIK ?
I use the 'Brave' browser for AB and have done so without a glitch in the past two years.
I see other 'Brave' users are asking for that add-on to be available.
Let's hope so .. I dont expect I can say why I use Brave, but those that do will no exactly why !
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What about something that works on Android tablet?
I don't get the 'privacy' messages repeatedly appearing on my Android phone (using Chrome as my browser), Theland. Which browser are you using on your Android tablet? (If it's also Chrome but, unlike me, you getting the 'privacy' messages, have you tried to se if Lie-in King's extension will run on the mobile version of Chrome?)
Question Author
Yes tried it. Would not load. thanks anyway Chris.
Firefox - no add-ons - no problems.
This should now be resolved - please let me know if you continue to have problems.
This should now be resolved - please let me know if you continue to have problems. Closing this now as we have three threads about it.

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