Answerbank Is Being Hijacked

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jackthehat | 16:12 Sat 20th Jun 2020 | Editor's Blog
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I have had to post this through Chrome rather than my favourite Firefox.
8 times within the space of 4 minutes my Answerbank tab has suddenly been changed/hijacked to one showing an advert for Carphone Warehouse.

Any ideas what is causing this, or how to stop it?


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I've had similar with Sky telling me something about a prize I could win.
I'm using Firefox without any problems.

Try clearing the cache, JTH:
I'm finding the same - Answerbank tab switches to BT.
My problem has been a 'Congratulations Vodafone User' pop-up.
And only on AB.
Also run a malware scan. If you've already got the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your computer, run that. (I no longer recommend a fresh download of it though, as it comes with a free trial of the full version, which seems to slow some computers down quite bit). Otherwise download and run AdwCleaner:
(It's 'out of the same stable' anyway. There's no installation process; just run the downloaded file directly).
I get a pop-up from Sky too. When I close it and hit the back button it doesn't go back to AB.
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I did some house-keeping on the 'puter yesterday, Chris, the cache was cleared and I run a malwarebytes scan every morning, too.

This same problem occured some weeks ago but it seemed to go away on its' own.

It's not a Carphone Warehouse advert, it comes from somewhere else but it takes control of the tab and I can't get anywhere using the 'go back one page' button.

I just wondered if it was a rogue AB-sanctioned advert.....
I run on safari without issues
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Hasn't happened on any of the other tabs I have open so it must be an AB issue.
I keep getting the Sky one, same as tiggerblue10.
Question Author
Exactly, tiggs.

It doesn't happen on any of the other tabs which I have open.
No problems for me Firefox, Win 10 pro and that program we dont mention
//I'm finding the same - Answerbank tab switches to BT.//

I'm getting the same problem. Three times in the past 20 mins. It's not BT (or any of the other companies mentioned) - it's something like "eumarketwatch" or similar.
I don't think it's a browser issue.
I'm using Windows 10 pro with Chrome, and I've had this with a TalkTalk ad, and I don't even use TalkTalk.
Using Safari in Portugal no problema
HI, is this still happening or has it stopped?
Hi Ed, this is happening again. I've had twice within a matter of minutes!!
6 times now since I logged in this morning...

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Answerbank Is Being Hijacked

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