Double Privacy?

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Buenchico | 13:33 Wed 03rd Jun 2020 | Editor's Blog
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I normally open AB links (from 'Latest Posts, etc) by RIGHT-clicking on them and selecting 'Open Link in New Tab'. I've got used to receiving the 'We value your privacy' message every single time I visit an AB page in this way, meaning that I have to click on 'I Accept' hundreds of times each day.

However now someone in AB Towers has decided that I should be presented with not one, but TWO, privacy messages every time I view an AB post!

Isn't it getting a bit silly?


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you must be special Buenchico
I got that too. I thought I was seeing things
I just got it now as I logged in, first time i seen it .. I hope it won't be a regular feature
Yes, duplication can be annoying.
Yes, duplication can be annoying.
I've still got this problem. I wish it would be sorted out.

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Double Privacy?

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